Western Idaho Fair Homebrew Competion

Entry cutoff date : August 7, 2021 Entry Fee: $7.50 per entry. 5 entry max.

New for 2021, Sockeye Brewing and Western Idaho Fair will choose a beer from first place entries in select styles and awarded the “Beer of the Year” for the fair in 2022!

Register your beer!

Please refer to the rules and instructions at http://idbeer.org

All BJCP categories are available, we will collapse categories where necessary. 

Entry deadline is August 7, 2021!  

How to enter: 

  1. Ferment a tasty beverage! 
  2. Bottle some for submission: 

(3)-12oz (or larger) brown or green bottles with silver or gold caps only. 

  1. Fill out the personal information form from the website http://idbeer.org.  
  2. For each submission fill out the entry form and add it. You can add more than one entry, just click on the ‘add an entry’ button. After your information is entered correctly, submit it. 
  3. Label your bottles: Print beer labels provided by the registration website. Attach these labels with rubber bands to the bottles, please do not tape your labels on.
  4. Drop off your entries at the Drop Off Locations listed on idbeer.org.
  • All entries will be judged using the 2015 BJCP style guidelines.  
  • This is a BJCP Sanctioned event.
  • Sockeye Brewers will have final say in the “Beer of the Year Award”.
  • Brewers Choice will be selected from the Best of show table wherein all 1st place beers compete.
  • Results will be announced at the opening of the Western Idaho Fair Friday, August 20, 2021 except “Beer of the Year”.
  • “Beer of the Year” results will be announced Saturday, August 28 at Western Idaho Fair.

*******Additional Competition notice*******

The following categories are the only ones in the “Beer of the Year” competition:

1A. American Light Lager, 1B. American Lager, 1C. Cream Ale, 1D. American Wheat Beer, 2B. 

International Amber Lager, 18A. Blonde Ale, 19A. American Amber Ale, 21A. American IPA.

(Only one entry in each of the above categories per brewer. If entering these styles, please submit a total (4) – 12oz bottles.)

The winner selected by Sockeye Brewing and The Western Idaho Fair from the 1st place beers in the above categories will work with Sockeye to produce the recipe and have this beer on tap at the Western Idaho Fair in 2022. 

The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 28 at Western Idaho Fair.

The winner will work with Sockeye staff to formalize the recipe.

Western Idaho Fair Marketing, Sockeye Brewing Company, and the home brewer will develop a name for the beer. It will be marketed as the inaugural Western Idaho Fair “Beer of the Year.” The recipe will be submitted to the “GABF Pro-Am Competition” by Sockeye Brewing Company. Entries must meet GABF style guidelines for the categories listed above to be considered.

Competitors must have current AHA membership.

Homebrew Competition sponsored by the Snake River Brewers homebrew club.

“Beer of the Year” sponsored by Sockeye Brewing Company.

Western Idaho Fair Amateur Beer Competition Results

It was a great competition this year! Big shout out to the Western Idaho Fair Committee, Hayden Beverage, HomeBrewStuff, Brewers Haven, Craft Brewers of Boise, and Bert’s Growler Garage.

A special thank you to all of the stewards, judges, and everyone else that helped and continues to make this one of the best competitions in Idaho!

For a list of winners, please visit https://idbeer.org